We welcome our new Software Architect!

Supun Dharmarathna has been working as a Software Architect at Fair for almost two months, and we are very pleased to have him on board!

Who is Supun?
I moved to Norway from Sri Lanka recently. I love traveling and music a lot.

What background do you have?
I am a IT professional with 9+ years of industry experience specializing in Travel Software industry, and I have worked with some of the world’s leading travel / leisure brands. Apart from that I worked as an external consultant for a couple of startups as well.

What are your daily tasks?
I work as a Software Architect at Fair. I work closely with our CTO to make sure that Fair services are running healthy, and I do solution design for the new features of Fair24 and Fair Portal which are being used both internally and externally.

What made you choose to work at Fair?
Fair gives me a lot of flexibility which helps to ease my other commitments. And I love the working environment at Fair.


PS! We still have several other vacancies available. If you want a highly interesting and meaningful job, please shout out to any of us in Fair or hit us up at karriere@fair.no

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