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Fair Distribution handles issuance of invoices in all available channels on the Nordic market.

We deliver invoices through our multi-channel solution, Fair24. We have already grown to be one of the leading invoice distributors In Norway.

Some of our main channels are:

  • eInvoice
  • Vipps invoice
  • Direct debit
  • Email
  • Digipost
  • SMS
  • EHF
  • Standard mail


Fair Finance offers various financing solutions to our clients.

Some examples are:

  • Various forms of factoring
  • Invoice purchasing
  • Payment solutions where we take the risk
  • Payment deferment and installment plans
  • Account solutions

We are highly flexible and understand that our customers have different needs. As such, we offer tailored solutions based on close dialogue with our customers.

Invoice Management

Fair Invoice handles the management of all our clients’ ledgers.

We take care of:

  • Matching of payments
  • Ongoing bank reconciliation
  • Factoring rates
  • Dispatching credit notes
  • Reporting in your desired format
  • Submitting the case for further collection
    through dunning and debt collection

Debt Collection

Fair Collection offers a unique solution for debt collection that ensures high resolution rate, combined with fully automated back-office solutions.

By using new technology and fully automated services we have designed solutions that are more efficient, and fairer, than normal collection procedures used by most other debt collection agencies.

We assist you with:

  • Dunning letters
  • Debt collection notices
  • Pre-legal debt collection
  • Legal collection
  • Follow-up of old debt collection claims

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About us

A disruptive force in the industry

Fair Group AS is a recently established and technology-minded company. Our employees have broad expertise and experience in the fields of distribution, billing, finance and debt collection, and join together in a common vision to be a disruptive factor in the debt collection industry in the coming years.

Pioneering new channels

Fair Distribution has optimized outgoing invoice channels with a brand-new way of following up unpaid claims. We have created a unique combination of expertise and opportunities.

We aim to pioneer new digital channels. We look to optimize channel selection based on the customer’s preferences, and provide stable, cost-efficient and digital distribution of all your invoices.

Unique solution for debt collection

Fair Collection offers a unique solution for debt collection that ensures high resolution rate, combined with fully automated back-office solutions.

Building the debt collection system of the future

The debt collection industry is at a standstill. Regulations, processes and calculation of fees have remained practically unchanged for years and the industry as a whole has proven reluctant to change and take advantage of the opportunities offered by automation and other new technologies.

We’re going to change that.

We want to provide both our customers and debtors with better terms and solutions – and that’s why we’re building the multi-channel collection system of the future in our market-leading platform.


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